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About Us

We are a small technical consulting practice that delivers big-company results, enabling you to stay within your organization’s budget and schedule constraints.  We're located in West Monroe, Louisiana and serve the Northeast Louisiana area.

Our Experience and Background

We have over 35 years experience designing, developing, delivering,  supporting, administering, and operating a broad variety of computer hardware, system software, database, applications, networking, and communications technical solutions.  Our experience, gained through years of working for domestic and international, market-leading high-tech companies, enables us to satisfy your technology needs and provide solutions to your problems at very attractive rates.

  • We understand operating systems because we have actually designed them.

  • We understand databases because we have developed them.

  • We understand computer hardware, network, and communications technologies because we’ve worked with and directed engineering teams that developed them. 

Recent Projects and Portfolio

We established our Louisiana consulting practice in 2003 after working in New England for over 30 years. Since then our portfolio includes an extensive list of local area achievements.  Listed below are examples of custom solutions we’ve completed recently for local companies:

  • Developed multi-site sales order configuration, entry, and submission software.
  • Developed national distributor versions of the above software.
  • Integrated custom applications with leading ERP and CRM packages.
  • Integrated customer applications with MS Office Outlook, Excel, Word, and Access.
  • Developed comprehensive reports using Crystal Reports software.
  • Developed custom inventory, bill-of-materials, and cost analysis application.
  • Developed custom quality control and corrective action tracking software.
  • Developed custom rental property management and reporting software.
  • Developed numerous web sites that include dynamic content.
  • Implemented software application licensing and protection solutions.
  • Developed custom reports requiring complex SQL queries.
  • Implemented database solutions using MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Access.
  • Created software installation and setup packages using Install Shield.
  • Developed documentation and training materials for users, and trained them.
  • Assisted with development of sales, marketing, and advertising literature.
  • Developed new and edited existing graphics/photo images for numerous reasons.
  • Provided advice and direction for IT management, small business owners, and private individuals regarding computing and network infrastructure, security, performance, maintenance, equipment purchases, and software acquisition.

Technical Proficiencies and Competencies

Today we mainly design and implement for Microsoft software platform targets, but have previously done work with Linux, Sun OS, Solaris, and SCO Unix.  Our core competencies include the following areas of expertise: 

Hardware:  PCs, workstations, servers, mainframes; single processor and multi-processor; x86 architecture and others.

OS Platforms: MS Windows XP, Vista, 2003 Server, 2000, NT, ME, 9x, 3.x, and DOS; UnixWare; Linux; Solaris, and various proprietary.

Networks: TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, VoIP, FoIP, NetBUI, IPX/SPX; Cisco, Linksys, D-Link, Netgear routers/switches; LANs, WANs, VPNs; Client/Server, Terminal Server; FTP; SMTP, Exchange, POP3; IIS, Apache.

Database:  MS SQL Server, MySQL, Access (Jet engine), Oracle, and proprietary engines (ODBC).

Development:  MS Visual Studio (all versions), Visual Basic (5 thru 2005 .NET), C/C++/C#, COBOL, Fortran; Crystal Reports; InstallShield; CrypKey Licensing; numerous MSDN tools and packages.

Web Tools:  JavaScript, HTML, ASP, PHP, Web Expressions, GoLive, and Dreamweaver.

Other:  MS Office Suite; Corel Graphics Suite; Corel (WordPerfect) Office; Open Office Suite; Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, MS Project, Visio, QuickBooks, ACT.

Contact Info

Please send us an email today with your contact information or submit our contact request form, and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.  We will provide references and detailed professional background at your request.

OwensSoft Consulting and Technical Services

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